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Soda Ash's Tony:

Video Games... Um.. Yeh.


Ah... Video games... My first experience with these
fantastic wastes of time was almost 16 years ago with
the classic "Pit Fall!". Over the years, games have
evolved tremendously... Such a fantastic growth...

-But-, no matter how far advanced video games become,
there will always be a rather considerable margin of
incredibly shitty games. Eternal Ring, anyone?

That's not all. There seems to be large cult-like
factions supporting different consoles... How do you
find people like these? Well... The most outrageous
are the X-box supporters. They've decided that this
system is going to blow everyone else out of the
water... without even playing the thing themselves.
It's starting to get really vicious, making about as
much sense as religious wars.

So, where do I stand in all this? Who's my daddy?
X-box or Gamecube? Dead or Alive 3 or Tekken 4? Apples
or oranges? Who gives a damn? I play what I play. Sony
doesn't own my soul just because I bought a PS2. My
plans to own a Dreamcast isn't some lucid love affair.
People just need to calm the hell down.

People are entitled to their opinions, but the way
"kids" tenaciously support things they have yet to
witness for themselves is just ridiculous. Their loss.


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