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Here's what's happened, happening, and going to happen:
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Subject: The First Video
Date: October 1998
Soda Ash has started working on their first video, which will be for "From This Place." The video is being made by Chip Gubera, formerly of The Domestics, and is an homage to David Lynch. It features characters from Twin Peaks, including Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper, Audrey, BOB, and the Log Lady.

Subject: show announcement
Date: Saturday, Nov 14
Opening for Die Symphony from St. Louis MO.

Subject: show announcement
Date: Friday, Oct 30
Soda Ash opening for Gooding.

Subject: show announcement
Date: Friday, Oct 23
Soda Ash is going to be playing right in the middle! Opening act is Lucinati and following Soda Ash is Deep Eynde from LA CA.

Subject: show announcement
Date: September 26th, 1998
Soda Ash has been selected to play Mizzouapalooza!
The Headliner is Fragile Porcelain Mice
For more info go to

Subject: show announcement
Date: September 16th, 1998
At the Downunder with Laminar Flow

Subject: show announcement
Date: September 3rd, 1998
A last minute booked show at the Downunder,
be sure to come early to see opener Lucinati

Subject: They just can't make up there minds :)
Date: August
The title of the upcoming CD has been changed to Sci Fi Lullaby.
The release date will be announced soon!

Subject: show announcement
Date: August 19th, 1998
The first show since John's return.
New material and could be a CD release party,
check back here for details!!!

Subject: The band is back and playing
Date: Late June/ Early July 1998
Is that a show I taste in the air?

Subject: Josh returns
Date: June 23 1998
Soda ash parties like its 1999, baby....JOSH COMES HOME!!..i predict we'll drink till we cant recognize eachother, break things,then write a hit single.

Subject: and more writing minus a guitar
Date: June 5 - 22 1998
The rest of the band celebrates the sound of a hushed guitar.; P Continues work of new material.

Subject: Josh leaves :(
Date: June 4 1998
Sad day. "'Lil Love N'Rocket" Josh is off to europe to study abroad.

Subject: back to writing
Date: May/June 1998
New material in the works. such songs as: "Angel is disguise", "Drown" and "RoadStain" are being conceived

Subject: CD release party
Date: MidMay 1998
CD release party at The Downunder bar. Broadway, Columbia, Mo. {The exact date will be posted soon as its decided.}

Subject: show announcement
Date: May 20 1998
At the Downunder Bar, one of the last shows till Josh gets back!

Subject: mixin' the EP
Date: May 16 - 17 1998
The band drives back out to WestEnd in KC to Mix, Master and Produce the Noisex Ep

Subject: the band agrees on something
Date: April 30 1998 - 8pm
As the title is run by the other bandmates, glee and rapture oozes into the hall along a trailing off josh saying..."but,...i liked "the poly-green fist-Fuck ep". {{for the record.."the polygreen fistfuck ep" is what the band will always loving refer to this release as..{{you had to be me...*wink-wink*}}

Subject: Saint and "noisex"
Date: April 30, 1998 - 2am
An enthusiastic Saint drives home from KC with the word "noisex" put into every song on radio in a style such as: "Yyeah boyee...mothafucka be called noisex know wha im sayin?...phil da cat know wha dup,..uhuh..yeah."

Subject: EP is named "Noisex"
Date: April 29 1998
Over a round of joydivision, while on visit to KC, close friend and producer Phil Easter suggests to Erin using the title "Noisex" for the EP.

Subject: show announcement
Date: April 24, 1998
Planned Parenthood Benefit show.

Subject: show announcement
Date: April 20, 1998
MU Law School Benefit Show @ the Bluenote.opened for DarkHorses.

Subject: recording EP
Date: April 16 - 18 1998
Makes "that drive" to Kansas City to record first EP at WestEnd Studios.

Subject: show announcement
Date: April 9, 1998
Show @ the downunder. Dark Sinister's Evil Circus opens.

Subject: show announcement
Date: March 19, 1998
Show @ the downunder

Subject: show announcement
Date: March 9, 1998
Show @ the downunder

Subject: first show
Date: March 13 {friday} 1998
Sodaash holds first show at the EZ residence as private party, after a mixup with shattered.

Subject: the first days.
Date: Late January/ Early February 1998
The SodaAsh project is assembled, And begins preparation for world domination.

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