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A darkpop band with intensely beautiful--yet often bilefully angry--songs, Soda Ash delivers dirty angel music with blistering punch and sensual emotion. Finding their influences in such varied genres as industrial rock, punk, new wave, lounge and Britpop, Soda Ash presents the listener with a paradigm of rock music--without sacrificing pop sensibilities. Soda Ash leads their audience down a path filled with tribal drums, throbbing bass, hypnotizing guitar riffs, haunting keyboard melodies, controlled feedback, and a healthy dose of twenty-first century spite. Reviewers have compared them to bands as diverse as Curve, The Velvet Underground, Hole, Garbage, Placebo, Vast, Jesus & Mary Chain and Ministry.

Formed in the college town of Columbia, MO, Soda Ash has built a sizable following in Missouri and have played coast to coast. Soda Ash's live show has been described as, "an energy filled romp, filled with sexy anger and vitality."

In January 1999, Soda Ash released their debut LP, Sci-Fi Lullaby, on fledgeling indie label Graffenberg Records. In December 2000, Soda Ash released their sophomore effort, Box of Gods and Tech Noir in 2003. Their 4th CD, Yamato, is "in the can" for 2004 and recording has started on a more techno-industrial effort: Wonderland.

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