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PositionArtist - SongGenre1/Genre2Rating
1Absinthe - Druid QueenIndieRock/HardRockRatings
2Soda Ash - Sci-Fi LullabyIndieRock/GothicRatings
3torsokingpin - Coal ChiselAlternative/IndieRockRatings
4Voodoo Sex Stuff - Where I GoAlternative/IndieRockRatings
5Amok Peterson - When I flyAlternative/IndieRockRatings
6The Banters - Best Seat in the HouseIndieRock/WeirdRatings
7The Banters - Total Protonic ReversalSurf/IndieRockRatings
8Absinthe - 100,000 Hail MarysIndieRock/HardRockRatings
9dragsterbarbie - Daredevil (Live!)IndiePop/IndieRockRatings
10Bonafido - Beer MonsterIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
11Absinthe - Swallows Me DownIndieRock/HardRockRatings
12The Inside - VampiresAlternative/IndieRockRatings
13Soda Ash - WashawayIndieRock/GothicRatings
14John Ludi - All Dead DictatorsIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
15Strategic Retreat - The TruthIndieRock/CollageRatings
16Soda Ash - Shame How Some Girls StrayIndieRock/GothicRatings
17Soda Ash - From This PlaceIndieRock/GothicRatings
18Zillion Kisses - My Heart Is On IceRock/IndieRockRatings
19Zillion Kisses - Haunted MansionRock/IndieRockRatings
20Squelch - EuphoriaIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
21Ellyn Fleming - Rock ThisRock/IndieRockRatings
22Debris - LydaIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
23Debris - Dirge Inc.IndiePop/IndieRockRatings
24bucket - channelIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
25bucket - aquariusIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
26Bankrupt - The Sound of Delight(Real Audio)IndieRock/PunkRatings
27John Ludi - ProgressIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
28Lucy in the Ocean with Tentacles - Psychedelic Butterfly(Real Audio)Funk/IndieRockRatings
29Soda Ash - Shame How Some Girls Stray(Real Audio)IndieRock/GothicRatings
30Soda Ash - Canto II (Wasteland)(Real Audio)IndieRock/GothicRatings
31dragsterbarbie - Hope Has 9 LivesIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
32dragsterbarbie - He's A VegetarianIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
33Shiver UK - Bloody WristsMetal/IndieRockRatings
34StrangeCloud - Burn This HouseRock/IndieRockRatings
35Squelch - Time well spentIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
36Squelch - Posessed for one dayIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
37Bonafido - Czech OutIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
38Bonafido - SluggoIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
39Ellyn Fleming - My BabyRock/IndieRockRatings
40Ellyn Fleming - Like a RiverRock/IndieRockRatings
41Debris - The Wallet InspectorIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
42Debris - Rocket LinerIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
43Debris - GravityIndiePop/IndieRockRatings
44bucket - vernacularIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
45bucket - fully automatic anti stress machineIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
46bucket - destinyIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
47bucket - ampersandIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
48John Ludi - Secret SerenadeIndieRock/AlternativeRatings
49John Ludi - DysfunctionalIndieRock/AlternativeRatings

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