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Soda Ash: Brandon's Gear

Epiphone Goth 1958 Flying V. The most recent addition to Brandon's rig, and now the live guitar of choice. Dual humbuckers, ebony fretboard, blah blah. Incredibly nice tone for what is often regarded as a novelty guitar. Big and dumb.

ESP George Lynch Kamikaze. Yeah, *that* George Lynch--We got a very nice deal on this guy, but it's a nice one. This guy has made it into but one show (opening for Voodou and Thrill Kill Kult), as it has issues with intonation. : ( The main reason for that is the Floyd Rose tremolo on it. I don't give a damn what anyone says about these things, it's a crap shoot keeping anything with a tremolo in tune. Still, this thing is very nice, though the bridge pickup is damn hot. One would have to pull ALL the gain down on the amp to keep the feedback to a dull roar. It has a superlative distorted tone--gee, go figure, given who uses it--and the Seymour Duncan pickups.

Takamine EG561-C Acoustic-Electric. Nice tone, ebony finish. Onboard equalizer and tuner. Yay.

Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Of the guitars Brandon has, this thing may be the one with the best tone. The most commonly used guitar in Brandon's live set. It's a Les Paul. You know pretty much all that there is to know already.

Ibanez IC300 Iceman, black.  Brandon got this guitar more or less out of sheer necessity.  While on the road in Utah and California, the arrid climate and the intense heat generated in the microwave oven known as the Soda Ash trailer cooked our instruments.  The neck of his previous guitar started to warp and soon was unusable on the tour.  He tried using Erin's Ibanez, but wasn't able to get comfortable with the neck, so a quick stop at one of the Seattle area Musician's Friend stores was in order.

Epiphone G-310 SG, black.  This was the first guitar that Brandon had purchased since high school, and it was more or less one of the "Hey, let's see what the pawn shop has..." variety.  Nice warm sound, now that the pickups have been screwed with.

Marshall G100R Head.  100 Watt head.  Beautiful tone, with manageable natural distortion.

Marshall VS412 Cabinet.  Nice to finally be heard after all these years....

Ampeg SS70.  Pawn shop find that has done admirably well, all things considered.  Survived the Utah heat, and a veritable ice age in Missouri.

DOD VGS50 Guitar Effects processor.  Nice little catch-all processor that has seen action in all but one of Brandon's gigs.  Miraculously survived the MidSummer Nyte Scream Tour.

(Various Stompboxes)

DOD FX86B Death Metal Distortion.

DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus.

DOD FX50B Overdrive.

DOD FX75C Stereo Flanger.

DOD FX40B Seven Band Equalizer.

BOSS RV-3 Digital Reverb & Delay.

BOSS Octave Pedal.

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