KCOU's Directory Assistance Compilation

KCOU's compilation of 18 Columbia bands is now available. Directory Assistance is the first KCOU-produced CD, with help from Red Boots Recording Studio and AVG, of course. The first Directory Assistance Release Party with The Paparazzi, Autosleeper, Nonstop 3, and Catalina went very well. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Blue Note on April 11th. Directory Assistance Release Party #2 will be Wednesday April 18th at Shattered. Transponder 5/3, Arpad Leen, and Hot Carla will perform and Directory Assistance will be available for only $6... that's just $.33 per song! (Songs not labeled for individual sale!)

In April 2001 KCOU released its first-ever compilation CD. It is an 18-song, 64-minute foray into the sound of local music in Columbia, Missouri. It is available for the bargain basement price of only $6. You can pick one up at several downtown Columbia businesses including Whizz Records, Salt of the Earth, Streetside Records, and Guitar Finder. All proceeds from the sale of Directory Assistance benefit KCOU 88.1 FM, a service of MSA/GPC.

Also, don't forget to check out the CD release shows for a chance to see the bands on the CD in action.

  • Wednesday April 11th at the Blue Note: Nonstop 3, Catalina, Autosleeper, and The Paparazzi
  • Wednesday April 18th at Shattered: Transponder 5/3, Arpad Leen, and Hot Carla
  • More TBA
    Band Information
    Band Members Song E-mail
    Amputee Set Dan Browning-Bass
    Morgan Burnham-Guitar
    Justin McCrady-Drums
    Justin Nardy-Vocals
    The Carry On Killaway
    Andy Cigarettes produced by Andy Cigarettes Cherry-Flavored Syrup Disease
    Arpad Leen Veg-Drums
    Lou Nevins-Bass
    Critical Mass
    Autosleeper Chris Belkofer-Guitar/Vocals
    Matt Boschert-Bass
    Rusty Elder-Drums
    Geoff Roper-Guitar/Vocals
    Anything Majorly
    Catalina Taylor Bacon-Drums
    Casey Cottrell-Guitar
    Scott Davis-Guitar
    Greg Roberts-Vocals
    Joe Schaefer-Bass
    You're Happening Everywhere
    Fugitive Kind Eddie Boster-Guitar
    John Finn-Drums
    James Kamp-Vocals
    Charlie Midkiff-Bass
    Give Her the Gun
    Hot Carla Lee Brooks-Guitar/Vocals
    David Hawk-Guitar
    Daniel Rowden-Drums
    Christopher Tillman-Bass
    Razors Are Red, Violence Is Blue
    Juvenile Wreck Tony Archer-Guitar/Vocals
    Melissa Heibel-Drums/Vocals
    Mike Welch-Bass/Vocals
    Mikey Wheeler-Guitar/Vocals
    You'll Be Mine
    Mah-Jongg produced by Jeff Carillo, Hunter Husar, and Jamie Levinson Arc6ery
    Nonstop 3 Mark Abel-Drums
    Steve Parshall-Bass
    Mike Quin-Guitar/Vocals
    Knight in Semi-Shining Armor
    (Wise or) Otherwise Cooper Crain-Guitar/Vocals
    Tyler Creath-Bass/Vocals
    Jordan Derrick-Guitar/Vocals
    Aaron James-Drums
    Fucking Yourself
    The Paparazzi Seth Fletcher-Guitar
    John Gilbreth-Bass/Vocals
    Adam Speer-Guitar
    Mike Weston-Drums
    Call it Success
    Soda Ash Mike Farmer-Guitar
    Erin Knowles-Kropf-Keyboards/Vocals
    Brandon York-Guitar
    Tina Young-Bass
    Emma Zimmerman-Drums
    Sofa Kit XL Brian Coughlin-Drums/Vocals
    Shannon Mercer-Guitar/Bass/Vocals
    Steve Ruffin-Bass/Theramin
    Barry Hibdon-Goofy Guitar
    Subscribe shhh! (It's track #18)
    The Sultans Chris Canipe-Guitar/Vocals
    Ben Meinhart-Piano
    Lou Nevins-Bass
    If the Telephone's a Hazard
    Tacit Blue Project Tyrone Davies-Keyboards
    Dan Levinson-Drums
    Mat Miller-Bass
    Billy Schuh-Guitar/Vocals
    Keith Wood-Guitar
    Market Research tacitblueproject@hotmail.com
    Transponder 5/3 Corey Cottrell-Bass/Vocals
    Jeff Gilchrist-Drums
    Scott Jenkins-Guitar
    Hareway Express

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