Operation Life Support
A Summary of Fire Relief Benefits for Apocalypse Theatre

This is a clipping of the letter we received from Mercy of Apocalypse Theatre :

" Sunday morning a fire gutted Apocalypse Theatre's first home in several years, destroying everything and almost taking human lives. Although injuries were sustained, everyone burned has been released form the hospital. The home however is condemned and nearly everything of value destroyed. Apox lost Computers, masters, and all the equipment they use for live performances. Therefore, while they rethink the future, all gigs have been canceled. Please inform anyone who may have planned to attend any Apox event, that the band will not be attending due to fire damage. Although the Red Cross and friends in Minneapolis are helping shelter the band and the other friends who lived at our castle, it is unknown at this moment what the future holds. We are lucky to be alive, as the fire was quick and early in the morning, some of us escaped naked into the streets at the last second by jumping out of windows. We are grateful that we are for the most part unharmed and able to consider rebuilding. Look for us to return in the summer, after we absorb our third near death experience, and begin our third resurrection."

After reading this Blu of Starvox in Atlanta started musing over how we could help and realizing that no one person could do much to help we decided we should call for reinforcements. We're asking fellow members of the scene, other promoters, bands and DJs spread the word that they need our help. I'm sure you realize with the loss of so much every little donated is a blessing.

In the cities listed below you can bring your donations to the towns coordination at the designated times and they will send them on to the band. You can also send your wishes and donations directly to the band at this address :
PObox 50068
Minneapolis MN 55403-9998
attention Kamela Koehler and Apocalypse Theatre

(Make Checks or MO's payable to Hope Hillman)

Official updates on their status on this page: http://www.piratek.com/
Email Apocalypse at: ApoXTheatre@aol.com
For more information on being added to this page, contact Blu

Thanks for your support!
Best wishes from our family to yours, as one...

 Cities and Entities Supporting the Benefit 

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